Modern Technology in Middle-earth

This is a DALL-E generated image of a high-speed train passing through a valley in Middle-earth. Of course, DALL-E included an eagle!

This is a story idea. In Middle-earth, humans would eventually develop modern technologies through an industrial revolution. The result would be Middle-earth with modern amenities.

A tourist In modern Middle-earth could take a walking tour of Hobbiton led by guides guides dressed as hobbits, featuring a historically authentic recreation of Bag-End and souvenir shops selling mathoms and leather-bound replicas of the Red Book of Westmarch. Go horseback riding in Rohan. Take a river cruise down the Anduin. Try spelunking in Moria wearing rechargeable headlamps. Hop in your EV and drive the autobahn from Annûminas to Minas Tirith, stopping at Bree for a hamburger and soft drink. Visit the ruins of Barad-dúr and buy a replica of the One Ring. Or ride a high-speed train from the Lonely Mountain to the White Towers.